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The Ultimate Meme Token Experience on Solana!

Dive into the vibrant world of Aitrolls, where humor meets the blockchain! Born in the depths of the internet’s most creative corners and fueled by the power of community, Aitrolls is more than just a meme token; it’s a revolution on the Solana blockchain.

With lightning-fast transactions, minimal fees, and an eco-friendly footprint, Aitrolls leverages the best of Solana to bring you a meme token experience that’s not just about laughs—it’s about speed, efficiency, and sustainability. But let’s face it, it’s mostly about the laughs.

Be part of an ever-growing ecosystem where each token is a ticket to an exclusive club of investors, creators, and, of course, top-tier trolls. Whether you’re here to hodl, trade, or simply bask in the glory of meme magic, Aitrolls is your new digital playground.

At Aitrolls, we’re setting the stage for a universe where memes do more than just entertain. They empower, innovate, and inspire. With unique tokenomics, engaging community events, and partnerships that push the boundaries of what’s possible, Aitrolls is redefining the meme game on the blockchain.

Whether you’re a meme lord, a crypto enthusiast, or just in it for the giggles, Aitrolls welcomes you. Let’s build the most unforgettable, unapologetic, and undeniably fun meme token community the Solana network has ever seen.

Dare to Troll? Join Aitrolls Today & Let the Memes Be Your Guide!

1. Public Sale: 40% (40 Million Tokens)

  • Purpose: To encourage wide distribution and participation from the community.
  • Mechanism: Conducted in phases to prevent early dump, ensuring a fair distribution.

2. Community and Marketing: 20% (20 Million Tokens)

  • Purpose: To foster community growth, engagement, and marketing initiatives.
  • Allocation includes rewards for community contests, airdrops, partnerships, and promotional activities.

3. Team and Advisors: 15% (15 Million Tokens)

  • Purpose: To compensate the team and advisors who contribute to the project’s development.
  • Vesting Period: Locked for 1 year, then gradually released over the next 2 years to ensure long-term commitment.

4. Liquidity Pool: 10% (10 Million Tokens)

  • Purpose: To ensure adequate liquidity on decentralized exchanges, facilitating smooth and efficient trading.
  • Mechanism: A portion will be initially added to liquidity pools, with further injections as the project grows.

5. Development Fund: 10% (10 Million Tokens)

  • Purpose: To support ongoing development, security audits, new features, and platform enhancements.
  • Vesting Period: Released as per the roadmap to fund development milestones.

6. Reserve: 5% (5 Million Tokens)

  • Purpose: To provide a contingency fund to address unforeseen challenges or to tap into new opportunities.
  • Usage: Deployed based on strategic decisions by the governance community or team.


  • Deflationary Mechanism: A small percentage of tokens (e.g., 0.5% of each transaction) is burnt to reduce supply over time, potentially increasing value.
  • Rewards: Holders may earn rewards through staking or by participating in community events, encouraging long-term holding.
  • Governance: Token holders can vote on key decisions, including future token burns, project developments, and the utilization of the reserve fund.

The Epic Saga of Aitrolls: From Ethereum to Solana

🚀 The Dawn of Aitrolls

In the vibrant expanse of the crypto universe, Aitrolls emerged on the Ethereum blockchain in 2023, capturing the imagination of meme enthusiasts and crypto investors alike. With its clever concept and engaging community, Aitrolls quickly surged to a market cap of $1.2 million, riding the waves of meme token mania to monumental highs.

🌌 Challenges on Ethereum

However, as the dust settled from its meteoric rise, Aitrolls faced the harsh realities of Ethereum’s landscape: high gas fees, network congestion, and scalability issues. These obstacles hampered the seamless fun and accessibility that were at the heart of Aitrolls’ ethos. Despite the team’s relentless efforts and the community’s unwavering support, these challenges stifled the project’s growth and engagement, leading to a period of dormancy. Aitrolls, much like the mythical creatures it represented, seemed to retreat into the shadows, waiting for the right moment to make its comeback.

💡 A New Beginning on Solana

Recognizing the limitations that hindered its initial journey, the Aitrolls team embarked on a quest for a blockchain platform that matched its vision for a fast, efficient, and inclusive meme token project. Solana, with its lightning-fast transactions, low fees, and scalable infrastructure, presented the perfect new home for Aitrolls.

This move to Solana marks not just a change in technology but a rebirth of the Aitrolls spirit—reinvigorated, refocused, and ready to troll the crypto world like never before. With enhanced tokenomics, a committed team, and a roadmap packed with innovation and community-driven initiatives, Aitrolls is poised to surpass its former glory and carve out a new legacy.

🌟 The Aitrolls Revolution: Bigger, Bolder, and on Solana

As Aitrolls takes its first steps on Solana, it brings with it the lessons of the past and the ambition to forge a future where everyone is invited to join the trolling spree. This isn’t just a comeback; it’s a call to arms for meme lovers, crypto enthusiasts, and those who believe in the power of community and innovation.

The Aitrolls journey is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the undying spirit of the crypto community. From its early days on Ethereum to its new chapter on Solana, Aitrolls embodies the essence of the blockchain revolution—decentralized, democratic, and driven by a desire to make the digital world a more fun and engaging place.

🚀 Join Us on This Unforgettable Journey

As Aitrolls embarks on this exciting new phase, we invite you to be part of our story. Whether you’re an old supporter or a new friend, there’s a place for you in the Aitrolls army. Together, let’s make history, one troll at a time.

Aitrolls: Trolling the Norm, Charting the Extraordinary.