Meet Cisco Kid, our resident Web3 expert. With over five years of experience in the field, Cisco has become a true leader in the space. He has spent over a year and a half on Twitter Spaces, participating in and moderating conversations on everything from NFTs to DeFi to the future of blockchain technology.

Cisco’s dedication to the community is unmatched. He once hosted with Dominic Sporkfineart and GeEkMyth_ETH and recorded Twitter spaces for 200 straight days, and through it all demonstrating their commitment to spreading knowledge and fostering growth within the Web3 ecosystem.

But Cisco’s talents don’t stop there. He’s also a multi-talented artist, having published a music album and written two books. His creativity and passion for the space make him an invaluable member of the community and we’re excited to see what groundbreaking projects he’ll help us all bring to life.