White Paper


AiTrolls Token (AiTrolls) is a community-driven project aiming to revolutionize the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This innovative endeavor seeks to offer users an unprecedented experience by combining the power of AI with the playful nature of meme trolls. Through AiTrolls, individuals will have the ability to create and engage with AI-generated trolls in a fun and distinctive manner, pushing the boundaries of interaction with this cutting-edge technology. As a community-oriented project, our primary objective is to establish ourselves as the foremost platform for AI meme trolls and NFTs, all while prioritizing the delivery of substantial value to our community of users. By blending the realms of AI and NFTs, AiTrolls Token aspires to pave the way for novel and exciting possibilities in the digital landscape.

AiTrolls Token Utility:

AiTrolls Token (AiTrolls) has multiple use cases within its ecosystem. Here are three key applications for the AiTrolls Token:

Purchase of NFTs

AiTrolls Token serves as the primary currency for acquiring AI-powered meme trolls as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Users can use AiTrolls Tokens to buy and collect unique and limited-edition NFTs, each representing a distinct AI-generated troll character. These NFTs can be owned, traded, and showcased within the AiTrolls community, offering a tangible and exclusive ownership experience.

Merchandise and Collectibles

AiTrolls Token extends beyond the digital realm by enabling users to purchase official AiTrolls merchandise and collectibles. These physical products can include apparel, accessories, artwork, and other branded items associated with the AiTrolls project. By using AiTrolls Tokens, community members can show their support and proudly display their affiliation with the project in the real world.

Troll Bounty Program

AiTrolls Token fosters community engagement and rewards active participation through its Troll Bounty Program. Users can earn AiTrolls Tokens by contributing to the growth and development of the AiTrolls ecosystem. This can include activities such as creating and sharing original troll content, promoting the project on social media, participating in community events, or providing valuable feedback. The Troll Bounty Program serves as an incentive mechanism to encourage community involvement while rewarding users with AiTrolls Tokens for their contributions.

By facilitating NFT purchases, supporting merchandise transactions, and powering the Troll Bounty Program, AiTrolls Token creates a vibrant and interconnected ecosystem that combines AI technology, NFTs, and community engagement.

Market Analysis

The market for AI-powered trolls and NFTs is currently in its infancy, but the demand for such products and services is rapidly growing. With the increasing popularity of NFTs, we see a huge potential for creating unique and interactive AI trolls that can be bought, sold, and traded. Our project aims to provide a fun and entertaining way for users to interact with AI technology while also tapping into the growing NFT market.


Total Supply 1 Trillion $AITrolls tokens

Token Distribution:

  • Crowdfunded (ITO) – 835,424,316,878 Billion
  • Founder – 154,921,898,966 Billion
  • Treasury Fund (Pending)
  • Marketing Fund (Pending)
  • Dev Fund (Pending)
  • Troll Bounty Fund ( Pending )
  • 1st Token Burn 8,153,784,156.10 @ 141k Market Cap

Token Features : 

  • No Taxes on Buy or Sell Transactions
  • Renounced Smart Contract 
  • Community Driven
  • No Blacklisting

NFT Collection:

We plan to launch our NFT collection, which will consist of unique and interactive AI trolls. Each troll will have its own distinct personality and behavior, making them fun and engaging to interact with. The NFTs will be available for purchase using $AITrolls, and the proceeds will be used to fund the development and expansion of the AITrolls ecosystem & platform.


We have a clear roadmap for the development and expansion of the AI Trolls Token platform. Our immediate goals are to complete the launch of the token and NFT collection, expand the platform to include more AI trolls 3D figurines, and create partnerships with other NFT and AI-based projects. We also plan to develop a sustainable ecosystem for the platform and integrate it with popular social media platforms such as “Twitter”. 

So far our Road map has completed the following:

Q2 2023 Completed

  • Website Launched- 5/10/2023
  • Social Accounts Created- 5/11/2023
  • Deploy Token to Mainnet – 5/17/2023
  • Verify & Publish Smart Contract – 5/17/2023
  • Etherscan Token Updated – 5/20/2023

Q2 2023 Pending

  • $AiTrolls Token Supply deployed to Uniswap-5/18/2023
  • Dextools Info Submitted – 5/19/2023
  • Dex Tools Listing Updated 5/19/2023
  • Coin Market Cap Application-Submitted 5/19/2023
  • Coin Market Cap Listing Approved 5-21-2023
  • Application Submitted to Coingecko-Completed 5/20/2023 @ 12:21 Pm
  • Gate.Io Listing Application Submitted 5/24/2023
  • Mexc Listing Application Submitted 5/24/2023
  • Coin Market Cap Verified Blue Badge KYC – 5/22/2023
  • Smart Contract Renounced 5/26/2023
  • Bitrue exchange Application Submitted 5/28/2023
  • OKX Exchange Application Submitted 5/30/2023
  • ByBit Exchange Application Submitted 5/30/2023
  • Add Logo to Trust wallet-Pending ( Have to reach 10,000 Holders to apply )

Q3 2023

  • Coming Soon !


The AITrolls Token team consist of experienced developers, marketers, and designers who have a passion for AI and NFTs. Our team members have extensive experience in their respective fields and are dedicated to creating a platform that delivers maximum value to our community.


AI Trolls Token is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the world of AI and NFTs. We believe that our unique approach to combining AI technology and NFTs will provide a fun and engaging way for users to interact with the technology while also delivering value to the community along with utility.